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A report released by the Department of Labor today says women are nearly 50% of the national workforce, yet we outnumber men in holding low-wage jobs. And if you happen to be a black woman, well you’re just shit out of luck.

Millions of working women struggle to make ends meet every day.  Although women now make up close to half of the national workforce, they substantially outnumber men in holding low-wage jobs. In addition, women of color are disproportionately affected, resulting in an increased risk of living in poverty.

Despite the fact that women, and women of color in particular, are bearing the brunt of the Great Recession, the Tea Party controlled congress continues to side with Big Corp. and refuses to pass the Equal Fair Pay Act.

 Senate Republicans on Tuesday blocked a bill that Democrats say would increase paycheck equity for women. Republican lawmakers argued the bill would put an undue strain on businesses.

An undue strain on businesses? Are they kidding? What then would they call it when an unemployed or underemployed mother can’t feed her kids or end up homeless? A minor inconvenience?!?! Who are these people that Americans voted into power in 2010? They care nothing about the lives of regular americans and are there only to serve the interests of the oligarchy. They must be rooted out this November!

Teabaggers love to run around screaming, “Take our country back!” Well I want my bloody LIFE back!